Plant sale alert!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend that lets you mind wander and eyes sparkle? Well if you're up for being outdoors mid-thunderstorm and can't say no to a sausage sizzle, you're in for a treat. This weekend, The Succy Bunch who, you guessed it, specialise in succulents and cacti are putting on a… Continue reading Plant sale alert!


Carrots, big and (very) small

Being one of the 140 million ginger haired people in the world has graced me with nicknames like Ronald McDonald, Ginger Nut, Ranga and Carrot Top throughout my life. With the intention of hurting my feelings, not even the meanest kid in the playground could use food as a weapon - especially when its McDonalds', Ginger… Continue reading Carrots, big and (very) small

Oasis Nursery, Kelvin Grove

Oasis Nursery is Kelvin Grove's best kept secret. Propagating all the plants himself, this nursery is affordable and can keep your green thumbs busy no matter what size your garden. New stock is available every couple of weeks - depending on what has been propagated that season, making you always wanting to come back for… Continue reading Oasis Nursery, Kelvin Grove

Samford Valley Garden Centre, Samford

Stay tuned, great things are coming! Where: 27 Main Street, Samford QLD 4520 When: Mon- Sat 9-5; Sun 10-4 EFT available Street Parking available but can be hard to find a park on busy weekends $ Stock available: Edibles: Herbs Veggie seedlings: Fruit trees: citrus, avocado, mango, olive Natives: Grevilleas Indoor/ shade loving plants: Palms:… Continue reading Samford Valley Garden Centre, Samford

What’s that white stuff on my Mint?

Ever since winter rolled around the corner, my window sill of herbs have been struggling. In summer the kitchen window is the perfect spot for my little herb garden. Its a sunny spot, not to hot and not to cold, allowing my edibles to gain their required time of Vitamin D. But recently that's all turned… Continue reading What’s that white stuff on my Mint?

Mothers Day Terrarium Workshop

The 14th of May was Mothers Day and we teamed up with the Samford Valley Garden Center to have a morning full of terrific terrariums, fantastic fairy gardens and catered cupcakes. Have you ever wanted to grow you're own little land and watch it flourish in the comfort of your own home - but you just… Continue reading Mothers Day Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium: Take Two

30 April, 2017 : Take Two Terrarium THE NIFTY FORAGER PRESENTS….. Its Take Two Terrarium Workshop. Have you ever wanted to grow you’re own little land and watch it flourish in the comfort of your own home – but you just didn’t know where to start? Well now you and your friends can come together… Continue reading Terrarium: Take Two

Moss Ball Madness

09 April, 2017: Moss Ball Madness Like fashion, indoor plant trends recycle. First it was Terrariums and now its time for Kokedama’s (moss balls). There are so many benefits to having plants in your home and thanks to Kokedama’s you can grow literally anything in these little balls. The fact that these plants can be… Continue reading Moss Ball Madness

Potatoes potatoes potatoes

Mashed, boiled, frilled or roasted potatoes are without a doubt one of my favourite vegetables. As May rolled around so did the abundance of Seed Potatoes in many of the garden nurseries and one Saturday I just couldn't say no anymore - and bought myself a pack. That was 6 weeks ago and boy have I… Continue reading Potatoes potatoes potatoes

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are coming to somewhere near you! Here at The Nifty Forager we strive to continue the circle of learning about greenery in and out of your home. Through our Terrarium, Kokedama (moss ball), Bonsai, veggie planting/ potting workshops we can come together as a plant loving community to help and support each other. Follow the… Continue reading Upcoming Workshops