Rad Radishes

My veggie patch is without a doubt my pride and joy. As the lettuce and garlic chives started to take off, I knew the soil was good, the location was excellent and therefore I had the perfect opportunity to grow whatever the heck I wanted. Amongst searching for some gloves on another perfect Brisbane Sunday… Continue reading Rad Radishes

The 5 W’s of Fruit Trees

Everyone remembers doing the 5 W's and H in school. Right? Who. What. When. Where. Why & How. Here I am going to explain how to grow a range of fruit trees in your garden, and how to get them to be able to establish its roots and bear you as many fruits as it… Continue reading The 5 W’s of Fruit Trees

Herb or ‘Erb

Herb Gardens Hanging? Or in Pots? What about putting them straight into the ground? Herb Gardens or 'HG' have become the new fad. They are no longer just for your grandma to have along her kitchen window, or for the old Italian widow. But for young, old, rich and poor. Men and women alike have all come in search… Continue reading Herb or ‘Erb