What’s that sh!t on my Mint?

Ever since winter rolled around the corner my window sill of herbs have been struggling. In summer the kitchen window is the perfect spot for my little herb garden. Its a sunny spot, not to hot and not to cold, allowing my edibles to gain their required time of Vitamin D. But recently that's all turned… Continue reading What’s that sh!t on my Mint?

Potatoes potatoes potatoes

Mashed, boiled, frilled or roasted potatoes are without a doubt one of my favourite vegetables. As May rolled around so did the abundance of Seed Potatoes in many of the garden nurseries and one Saturday I just couldn't say no anymore - and bought myself a pack. That was 6 weeks ago and boy have I… Continue reading Potatoes potatoes potatoes

Rad Radishes

My veggie patch is without a doubt my pride and joy. As the lettuce and garlic chives started to take off, I knew the soil was good, the location was excellent and therefore I had the perfect opportunity to grow whatever the heck I wanted. Amongst searching for some gloves on another perfect Brisbane Sunday… Continue reading Rad Radishes

Bringing the Outside In

I N D O O R     P L A N T S HOW TO USE & WHERE TO PLANT Indoor plants they're great for more reasons than one. But mainly they are aesthetically pleasing and have a number of great benefits for your physical and mental health. ⇒ They absorb sound. That enough… Continue reading Bringing the Outside In

How to keep busy on a rainy day

Nothing annoys my dad more than when it rains on his days off. Why? Because its his day off. And he has a plan. And now that plan has changed. Like me when these plans never actually fall through or something comes up its basically the end of the world, except with him he adds… Continue reading How to keep busy on a rainy day

Spring for some, Autumn for others

Well as you know its now March. Yes thats right we are already into the third month of 2015. Where as time gone? Autumn is my favorite time of year, and being fortunate enough to be able to travel overseas at this time is a real privilege. There is nothing like feeling a cold wind… Continue reading Spring for some, Autumn for others

Florals for the Full Sun

Australian sun is different than British sun. And British sun is different to American sun. And American sun is different to Swedish sun. And well you get the picture don't you? Yes, we all call Earth home. In which revolves around the one sun and the one moon. Two objects in which the 7.125 billion people… Continue reading Florals for the Full Sun

The 5 W’s of Fruit Trees

Everyone remembers doing the 5 W's and H in school. Right? Who. What. When. Where. Why & How. Here I am going to explain how to grow a range of fruit trees in your garden, and how to get them to be able to establish its roots and bear you as many fruits as it… Continue reading The 5 W’s of Fruit Trees

Need to know info about Succulents

My Succulents are dying. Succulents? Yes. Succulents. I joined the craze in having more indoor plants, specifically cute, small and hardy succulents to go into funky modern pots in which i had painted. Giving my newly themed bedroom a whole different atmosphere. This was the dream. And the dream has died (Insert sad emoticon). So lets… Continue reading Need to know info about Succulents

What to read, When you don’t feel like reading

The best part about doing a design course is the range in textbooks and book lists your lecturers will tell you to use. This will probably be the only time in your life when you can guarantee that what they are telling you to go and read will actually help you. Not like when your are in… Continue reading What to read, When you don’t feel like reading