Brisbane CBD

  Brisabane's city centre is made up of historical laneways, well kept heritage listed buildings, pocket parks, every kind of shopping and dining you want and need. With the river edge acting as a border, you are able to walk along it to get to all the inner cities main attractions. Heading towards Spring Hill and… Continue reading Brisbane CBD


South Bank: Brisbane’s ultimate inner city getaway

South Bank is one of Brisbanes biggest attractions, featured along the Brisbane River overlooking the CBD Skyline; you can swim, play, eat and relax under the giant Figs. With plenty of tables, benches and shade you can't resist walking along the whole of the Parklands. Knowing you are surrounded by scattered bathrooms and water bubblers… Continue reading South Bank: Brisbane’s ultimate inner city getaway

Roma Street Parkland

  One of the oldest inner city parks of Brisbane and one of the best examples of contemporary parks in Australia, the Roma Street Parklands has it all. From The Rainforest and Fern Gully, Amphitheater, Lake Precinct and Upper Parkland and more, the park is home to multiple different spaces in which attracts visitors to… Continue reading Roma Street Parkland

Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

If your ever looking for something to do in Brisbane I would nearly always go and spend a day at Mt Coot-tha. You could go for a hike, maybe a spot of mountain biking, a stroll around the gardens, a light meal or even just a drive to the summit to go and check out… Continue reading Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

Big ideas for Little Towns

In my 20 years of experience (or otherwise known as just being alive) no matter where in the world I have lived, it has always been in a small town. From all over England, Scotland and Queensland I can say with complete certainty that small towns are all made up of the same thing. A main… Continue reading Big ideas for Little Towns

Tackling Spring Hill through Urban Design

This year has brought with it the introduction into a new subject; this being urban design. With studying both urban planning and landscape architecture I have begun to notice  a lot of similarities in regards to the theory in which is used when trying to make a town with streets, buildings, retail centers and residential… Continue reading Tackling Spring Hill through Urban Design

STAGE 2: Myall Creek Massacre Bike Trail

For those who have been keeping track, Over the past 9 weeks my Landscape Design class have been focusing on a project based in Bingara, NSW. This project is to be an extension of the already exsisting project known as the Living Classroom. The Living Classroom is a site which focuses around permaculture, sustainability and… Continue reading STAGE 2: Myall Creek Massacre Bike Trail

SUPERKILEN URBAN PARK: Did it really achieve what it was aiming for?

The Superkilen Urban Park is a collaboration between artists, architects and landscape architects all having the same design focus to create a space in which celebrates and connects all residents from 60 different nationalities who now call Norrebro home. Bjarke Ingels Group (architect firm, BIG), Topotek1 (landscape architecture firm) and the Danish art group Superflecx… Continue reading SUPERKILEN URBAN PARK: Did it really achieve what it was aiming for?

QUEENSLAND: Through a Window

Brisbane - Mackay - Emerald - Barcaldine - Longreach - Brisbane In the past week I have been travelling across Queensland, from coast to desert. From the big built up urban grid of Brisbane City to flying high over the sugar cane fields and along the pristine beaches of Mackay. Driving south- west on pot hole filled roads,… Continue reading QUEENSLAND: Through a Window